Learning to Read

When a child is learning to read, there are a number of skills that they need.

  • Showing that the front cover is at the front when they hold the book in their hands and the back of the cover is facing away from them with the right side up.
  • Knowing that text is written from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • One to one correspondence. This means that a child knows that one spoken word is the same as one written word.
  • Letter sound knowledge. This means that the child knows that the sound for some consonants is written with a letter for example the letter A makes the sound a like apple and b as in ball.

Children can recognise initial consonants first for example to write a sentence they may write down all of the first initial consonant of the words using an alphabet card beside them to have support of the letter and the picture related to the sound they want to write.

Next stage in development, children know the last consonant in a word and can write it for example they may write sit and write this for the initial consonant and t for the last consonant. You paragraph vowel sounds come later as do combinations of consonants and vowels as these are more complex.

The child begins to recognise that the combination of some letters, forms one word. These words that are recognised first, I called basic sight words. They include words like I, am, is, in, it, a, the, big, little, here, there, this.  A child often can recognise about 25 to 30 basic sight words when they learn to read.

As the child learns to read simple sentences. They learn about book language and what a sentence sounds like and what words might make sense in a sentence which they come to unknown or new unfamiliar words.

Rotorua Roofing Contractors

I quite like roofing in Rotorua, I think roofing contractors are really nice people, because their job is so interesting. It is important for roofing contractors to stay safe while they work if they are on top of the roof. If I was working on a roof, I would want to be safe. I think it’s very important to have the right safety precautions while I’m on the roof. Unfortunately scaffolding can be very expensive. But if that’s the cost of safety, too bad. Is safety not worth it?

Safety is totally worth the money that is required. I had a friend who died because he fell down while he was working. If he did not fall he would still be here today. If the right safety precautions were there he would not have died, he would not have fallen. So it would be very good to pay the extra money, to make sure that all the necessary safety precautions have been taken. That way roofing contractors don’t die when they work on your roof.

Because roofing contractors are such great people, it is important to make sure that they are very comfortable while they work on your roof. If they take a break, offer them a cup of tea. If they say hello, shake their hand. Make sure that they are very happy. The reason why, is because it is important that they do a very good job on your roof.

Roofing contractors, like any other contractors, are normal human beings with human emotions and daily human lives. So just because you were paying the money, does not mean that you can be mean to them or treat them badly. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect.

I don’t really think about roofs very often but when I do think about roofs I realize that they are very important. If I do not have a roof above my head I am not inside, I am outside. I cannot sleep outside, I must sleep inside. Otherwise I will get cold and maybe get sick. If I have a roof, but the roof is not well-made, maybe it will fall on my head while I am sleeping. That would be terrible! So I feel it is very important to make sure that roofing contractors are paid well and kept very happy.

Do you have any friends who are roofing contractors? If you do make sure that they are very happy. Give them a cup of tea. If they ask why, just tell them that you appreciate them. Why? Because they make your roof. Rooves are wonderful things.